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Blended Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

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Bamboo Pillows specifications:
King Size: 18"x 34"
Queen Size: 18" x 27"
Dimensions (in) : 13.25 x 9.25x 9

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SKU: 019962432231

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Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources available and has many advantages. Bamboo is both resilient and durable. Dr. Abramson’s bamboo pillow is a high-density chopped memory foam bamboo pillow. Because of its shredded memory foam inner, the head and neck will be cradled in the correct way for a successful alignment of the nerves, tendons and muscles no matter what position you sleep in. This fiber is naturally smooth and does not undergo chemical treatments, making it soft and gentle on the skin diminishing chance of irritation and causing no harm to sensitive skin. Bamboo textile creates an agent called bamboo kahuna making them naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial pushing out and preventing the production of dust mites and germs. These qualities can kill odor-causing bacteria living on human skin. Another quality of the foam bamboo Pillow it is mildew free and can retain 60% more moisture than cotton, promoting a dry and comfortable night. Our bamboo pillow helps to regulate your body temperature by pulling moisture away from your skin. Its pillowcase is weaved with micro gaps allowing it to expand in the summer, which allows the air to circulate and contract keeping it cool, while in the winter it restrains air to circulate thus keeping it warm. Nonetheless, our bamboo Pillow is great for women who are pregnant or in menopausal stages. Dr. Abramson products are safe for children and babies, chemical free, compostable, eco friendly and 100% organic. We are pleased to introduce our collection of pillows that can relieve snoring, migraines, acid reflux, allergies, and insomnia, neck and back pains while you sleep! Needless to say they will be the most comfortable Bamboo pillows you will ever own.

Looking for the best night’s sleep? get our Foam Bamboo Pillow

Thanks to its revolutionary, shredded memory foam inner, our foam bamboo pillows cradle your head and neck in a gentle hug for correct alignment of nerves, tendons and muscles whether you sleep on your back, front or side. This high quality inner is long lasting and promises a pillow that will not go flat.

Could these be the healthiest pillows on the planet?

Bamboo, aloe vera, soy, and hemp are some of the most sustainable, earth-friendly plants on earth. They are also biodegradable.

Here are more reasons why we chose a plant based cover:

  • Reduce allergies – breathe cleaner and deeper.
  • No more sweating – bamboo, aloe vera, soy and hemp are breathable and keep moisture away from the skin.
  • No more build-up of bacteria and parasites – bamboo, aloe vera, soy and hemp are aggressively anti-bacterial.
  • No more discomfort – deodorizing bamboo, aloe vera, soy and hemp keeps you cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold.
Caring for your plant based pillow:
  • Bamboo, aloe vera, soy and hemp cover – machine washable in warm water; air dry.
  • Pillow inner – hand wash every 6 months; air dry or tumble dry on low heat.

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