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Bamboo Therapy History

The main theory of launching Bamboo Therapy is its usefulness to people for a deep sense of relaxation. This was launched by Dr. Gady Abramson, who has maintained an interest in emerging medical and chiropractic technology. Bamboo Therapy is a special massaging technique with natural bamboo sticks of various sizes. This therapy based products are bamboo pillows and bamboo bed sheets, which are worth valuable for your safe living.

Ultimate experience of relaxation with Bamboo Therapy

Bamboo Therapy has earned its reputation from its soft appearance as well as its beneficial conditions. It symbolizes peace, strength and prosperity. As we all know that bamboo has been used for thousands of years as an herbal and natural remedy.

This therapy is a unique new way to relax muscles and release stress and tensions. Dr. Gady Abramson discovered these therapies to reduce all the pain disorders. As we know nowadays, people suffer from all types of pain like spinal cord pain, back pain, neck pain, etc. Bamboo therapy are very useful for this pain and gives instant relief.

This bamboo therapy is safe and effective for stress management and also includes the following:

  • 1. Relaxation from neck and shoulder pain.
  • 2. Actives blood circulations.
  • 3. Shortens the muscles.
  • 4. Relief from Respiratory problems.

The level of work by Bamboo Therapy

Spiritual : This therapy will connect you to the spiritual level where you are not. This will make you feel and understand logically without getting high.

Mentally : It provides you to get mentally and emotionally a total sense of relaxation. This provides encouragement and vanishes all the negative stuffs from the mind.

Physically : This enables your body to relax deeper and energizes muscles and diminishes respiratory problems, including relief from back and neck pain.

Bamboo Therapy has inaugurated the use of bamboo pillows and bamboo bed sheets, which are highly beneficial nowadays.

Bamboo Pillows are made up of natural bamboo shredded foam which allows air circulation to more extent in comparison to other foam pillows.

Bamboo Bed Sheets are super soft made from 100% fiber of bamboo. Highly durable and provides a comfortable lifestyle.

Experience the difference of natural and organic bamboo therapy for a stress free and pain free life.

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